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  • Tickets can be purchased at the door
  • $10 per Adult or Concession at all venues except St Peter's Lutheran College, which is $15 per Adult or Concession
  • School-aged children and performers are free 
  • EFTPOS facilities are available but cash is always appreciated and quicker
  • Programs are complimentary
  • Canteen facilities are available at most venues
  • If you require disabled access at St Peters Lutheran College please contact the event department directly via 



All Conductors access HERE

Please complete and bring two (2) copies with you on the night of your performance (one for the adjudicator and one for MC)


Section 25 access HERE
Section 26 access HERE
Section 7 (North) access HERE
Section 7 (Far North) access HERE

Section 6 access HERE
Section 24 access HERE
Section 27 access HERE

Please complete and either return it before the night or bring it with you (this form helps our QYMA stage crew smoothly transition from one group to the next - please advise if there is any further instrumentation you would like which isn't listed). 

  • Ensembles must arrive 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the section. 
  • Please provide your students with clear instructions on where you will meet, ensure you share the venue map with them. 
  • Please submit the following items to the front desk at least 15 minutes prior to the section commencement time: one (1) copy of your music and two (2) copies of the Adjudication Form (one copy is for the MC). 
  • Copyright requirements under the AMCOS agreement for schools must be observed. In accordance with copyright laws, any unauthorised photocopies submitted to the secretary for the purpose of adjudication will be discarded. 
  • Upon arrival, students can deliver their instruments to their rehearsal room (follow the signage). Please place all belongings to one side to not impede other ensembles also using the warm up space. Please ensure instruments/cases are clearly marked. 
  • All ensemble seating will be allocated. 
  • Ensure that your students are quiet during all performances and wait quietly until instructed to move. 
  • Ensembles will be escorted in turn to the warm up rooms prior to their performance. Use of these rooms must be strictly supervised by a teacher – please note that if you are first up you can go directly to your warm up room. With instrument cases, please place these to one side of the warm up room so that other ensembles can use the room also. 
  • Certificates & trophies will be awarded at the end of each section (except for Section 9 where trophy will be awarded at the final on 6 June). Prize monies will be awarded via electronic bank transfer upon the completion of a form, provided at the conclusion of the section. 
  • Original music and adjudication sheets may be collected, by the conductor, from the secretary’s desk at the conclusion of the evening.

  • Strict limit of four (4) complimentary tickets for conductor, accompanist and 2 supervising adults. This limit will be enforced on the night. 

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